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(no subject)

Nov. 4th, 2005 | 11:24 pm

Night climbed out of the arm chair in Professor Lunesta. It was massive and leather and low to the ground. Sitting in it you felt as though you were being eaten very slowly by a large monster with puffy, slick lips.

Lunesta had been silent for several minutes, gazing wide eyed into the crystal ball that sat between them.

"I'll just be going then," Night said, "it's late, and I have homework I should be doing."

Lunesta didn't look up or even acknoledge that she'd spoken.

"'night, professor!" she called over her shoulder as she walked out into the hallway. "You'd think he'd just witnessed his own death," she muttered to herself entering into the main corridors. Pity, she thought, he'd seemed like such a good teacher... level headed for seer... and now this.

Mention dreams of locked doors to a prophet and he'll give you a hundred different and equally useless meanings to chose from. Behind Door Number One, you are a closed, unwelcoming person. Behind Door Number Two, your family or friends have recently shut you off. And Door Number Three, the mystery door. What waits for you there? Another locked door.

Suddenly her eyes were open. He was walking past her, quickly moving in the opposite direction, seeming to pass rather sluggish, like a dream.

open to a male... i guess...

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New School

Oct. 26th, 2005 | 01:18 am
music: Mr. Curiosity

"You packed your school uniform?"

"Yes, Gran."

"And your underwear?"

"Yes." Night looked around the empty train platform, evading her grandmother's eyes.

Erma Wrathe, 82 and sharp as a tack watched as Night squirmed. "You took the braziers out, didn't you?"

"No, Gran."

"You unpacked the braziers I bought for you!"

"Well it wasn't like I was going to wear them anyways..."


Grandmothers can be so touchy sometimes!Collapse )

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Oct. 22nd, 2005 | 08:41 pm

Character Name: Night Blossom Moonfall Wrathe

E-mail: JMPeters05@yahoo.com

Aim: DixieLePhant

Character LiveJournal: Night_Wrathe

Sex: Female

House: Ravenclaw

Year in School: Fifth

Birth Date:

Parentage: Muggleborn

Pets: A Rock named Phil

Sexual Orientation: Meh.

Back Story: Born to hippies she was allotted with not only an outlandish name, but vague memories of going to Woodstock at age nine. She was raised on sex, drugs and rock and roll.

Talents: Singing, Dancing (this is less of a talent, and more of an embarrassing hobby, or it would be if Night was in any way embarrassed of her body), herbology.

Hobbies: Philosophy.

Elective Classes (3rd years and up only): Care of Magical Creatures, and Divination

Anything else you'd like to add: She has a mild problem with authority, and has recently been expelled from an undisclosed wizarding school outside of the UK.... oh... and I like acid pops (actually... they're a foul candy... but I do like giving them to people... and I like having my tongue dyed purple by them...)

Audition Passage:

"Now, describe to me, in your own words, why exactly your previous headmaster felt the need to remove you from the premises... indefinitely?" Headmaster Dumbledore's expressions were vague. Was it concern, Night sensed?

"Well, quite simply professor, the school had a rule in place that I felt... unfair, and I protested it," She leaned back in her chair, looking straight into his cool, piercing gaze with her own bright pools of brown mellow.

"And this rule..."

"Well, it was a silly one, really." She folded her arms neatly across her lap.

"Tell me, miss Wrathe." He lifted up her folder. "What exactly do the words 'indecent exposure' mean to you."

"Moronic restrictions. Nudity is perfectly natural and should be accepted as a part of human life."

Was that a smile at the corner of his mouth?

"Well." He spoke in calm, measured words. "You do understand, miss Wrathe, that 'streaking' will be... frowned upon at my school just as it was at your last."

"Yes sir."

"Let's make a truce. I read in your portfolio you take a liking to herbology."

"So, I like herbs. Arrest me."

"If I give you full access to the green houses, day and night, will you promise me, you won't have a repeat of your... previous transgression?"


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